There’s the corporate ladder climb. There are bills to be paid. There are friends who probably are not. Then there’s the weather to worry about.

So much is going on, I think I’m about to go crazy. However, I have to hold on.

When life gets to be this tough, I wonder why I ever dreamed of growing up. I wonder why I was so excited about packing my things up and tackling things all alone. 

But at long last the night has come and I can finally slow down and take the deepest of deep breaths. 

It’s so nice to sit still in this quiet. No worries, no fears. I, at last, can be empty.


Where Dreams and Nightmares Collide

A year it has been since I decided to move out of the countryside and live in the capital city.

It was a hard decision to make. I have always loved the lush green scenery of home; however, the opportunities I want are in this crowded city.

So after some months of thinking and rethinking, off I went to the city that is the home of my dreams but is also the source of my living nightmare.

When once I knew people around me, now I get bumped by dozens of strangers who, like me, are in a constant rush.

Where once I see towering trees, now there’s nothing but skycrapers. And I do miss the sight of birds now replaced with dots of airplanes way up above.

Where once there is silence, now there are blaring horns even on the earliest hour of the day and latest of the night.

I never worried about rains before. As a matter of fact, I welcome the rainy season because a lot of crops will grow. Now, I fear even the slightest drizzle that might bring about gutter-deep floods.

Back in the countryside, it takes me only 15 minutes to get to work 28 kilometers away. In this city, it would take a miracle to be there in an hour.

As I get stuck in traffic jams and bear witness to the collective disappointment of commuters thinking about their wasted time and money, I question my choices: Was it a wise choice leaving the peace of home for the chaos of the city? Am I really somewhere better? Why am I trying to make a career in a restless industry in an equally restless city?