There’s the corporate ladder climb. There are bills to be paid. There are friends who probably are not. Then there’s the weather to worry about.

So much is going on, I think I’m about to go crazy. However, I have to hold on.

When life gets to be this tough, I wonder why I ever dreamed of growing up. I wonder why I was so excited about packing my things up and tackling things all alone. 

But at long last the night has come and I can finally slow down and take the deepest of deep breaths. 

It’s so nice to sit still in this quiet. No worries, no fears. I, at last, can be empty.


Into and Out of A Maze

Just last year, I was struggling to reach for the door which leads to my dream.
It was way beyond my comfort zone. I was scared. But I reached for it.
I went in and found a maze. Some turns were a delight to be in. Friends were made, good times shared, love was found.
But some turns were challenging. It was tough and it wouldn’t allow to be forgotten. There, foes, mistakes, and lessons abound.
By now, I feel like I’m nearing the end of the maze. I feel like a crossroad is dawning.
And, just like a year ago, there’s that hesitation, that feeling of wanting to stay yet wanting to go, of wanting to hold on yet eager to let go.

On To Forever (Or So)

Popping up on my feed every now so often are articles, listicles, random status posts about how to make a lasting relationship. There are many versions to it, but most are centered on fun, enjoyment, more fun.

I read about being true to yourself and I agree. I read about spending quality time and I agree. I read about being honest, being generous, being forgiving, and I whole-heartedly agree.

But I think so much is missing. For people hoping to take their relationships to a higher level, surely more work and negotiation have to be done.

Like, when all the fun activities gets old and boring, what else is in store?

Or if you find out that what your significant other believes in runs contrary to the belief that is central to who you are, will that be the end of the story? Or will you just sweep the issue under the rug and divert your attention to the fun at hand?

When life makes unexpected twists and turns — for better or worse — how will you cope up?

Beyond the fun, what else will bind? What else may lead to a lifelong companionship?
Response to the prompt: Companion