Killing Spree

There is in the Philippines an all-out war against drugs and all sorts of criminality.

After a tough-taking mayor was elected to the highest position in the country, there had been a renewed police enthusiasm to go after those involved in drugs — from the streets to institutions.

From the campaign trails to his inauguration speech, President Rodrigo Duterte and his PNP (Philippine National Police) chief issued strong statements against drugs, criminality, and corruption, and repeatedly warned that they will kill all those who are involved.

“If you destroy my country, I will kill you. If you destroy our children, I will kill you.”

–Pres. Rodrigo Duterte in his inauguration speech on June 30, 2016

But it is going too far.

Since June, there has not been a day when no news item about drug-related killings ever made it to the headlines.

The thing is, the operative word in these stories is that the men are ALLEGED drug suspects.

Plus, the circumstance of their deaths would only be one of these four versions:

1) That the alleged drug suspect, in an entrapment operation, as soon as he felt that he was dealing with a cop tried to shoot the police and in defense, the police or one of the other operatives shot the ‘suspect’. Kill or be killed;

2) That when accosted by police in one or so version of an oplan wherein operatives plead with those involved in the drug trade to voluntarily surrender, the alleged drug pusher or user resisted and was shot dead;

3) That while aboard the police mobile, the suspect who was in handcuffs tried to grab the gun of one of his police escorts and was shot dead — whether accidentally or in self-defense; or

4) That the drug suspect was killed in a chance encounter.


I won’t say anything. Just that I’m tired of the news reports and of seeing photos of bloody corpses as I am about to have my first bite of breakfast.

Still, day in and day out as I sit in the newsroom, I wonder, how many more reports about killings of this sort will come in? How much longer will it happen? What if one of those who were killed were wrongly accused? What if it was only a case of mistaken identity?

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3 thoughts on “Killing Spree

  1. Seems to me like it could be a convenient way for some people to get rid of others. Nobody to complain or question their version of events… because they’re dead. That is not rule of law and once the rule of law is weakened, the door to all sorts of troubles opens.

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    1. That is what I fear, Heidi. Rumor has it that those in power are silencing the street guys so they can’t name their protectors. Even scarier is that the President has promised to protect law enforcers. He said they can kill as much as a thousand as long as it is a legitimate operation. There is also a bounty for people who will point the location of drug lords. The greatest irony is that the President claims to uphold the law. Really stressful here right now.


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