Reading Books and Taking Notes

PDFs, epubs, audiobooks — the digital options for books are endless. Still, I prefer to grab from the shelves of the softbound and the hardbound.

In this digital age, I still enjoy reading real, printed books.

I find joy in having to physically flip one page to another. I also love the smell and feel of the paper.

At times, I just go about staring at the front cover, marvelling at those embossed letters, studying the layout.

Because there are no app notifications to distract me as I read, I get to be so absorbed with what the author says that I could really feel it and remember it. No time wasted; no need to read and re-read.

Reading printed books also goes hand in hand with another habit of mine: writing with pen and paper.

As I read, I make it a habit to jot down quotable quotes as well as important information. It has yet to be, but I know one day it will come in handy.

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