Strangers, Friends

How many people have I met in my lifetime? I lost count. How many people mattered? Several dozens. How many stayed? Well, six-ish.

And I will keep it to that number. I hate to sound anti-social, but the greatest life lesson I learned is that there is less bullshit when there is less people around. So aside from the few who genuinely like me, the rest can come and go.

A few years back I decided I have had enough of the niceties and curtsies. It proved to be the better choice because I enjoy my life more.

Being with less people allows me to have countless time for myself, to be alone with my thoughts, and to pursue things that are of interest to me.

The handful of friends I have help me set my life in focus. They know the kinds of topics that I want, they know what my goals are, just as much as I know theirs, so our conversations are sure to be aimed at something important for us and that will surely help us grow.

Those meaningful conversations they engage me into also stimulate the production of the creative juices I need.

I can go on and on with enumerating what I like about keeping just a few people in my life, but suffice it to say that the possibilities the bunch provided me are countless.




I don't know who I am, and that is why I write.

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