Just Living On

Writing prompt: You wake up one day and realize you’re ten years older than you were the previous night. Beyond the initial shock, how does this development change your life plans?


Assuming I sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow to the ten-year older version of me, then I’d only be just twenty-nine. Still relatively young. That day is probably the day when I finally get to see the first obvious signs of wrinkles on my face. I’m not sure how I’d feel waking up to the truth that I’m already ten years older, but by then I would want to figure out what I actually want in life. I’d also work on being more self-assured, self-reliant, free. I probably would demand my boyfriend to marry me too.
It wouldn’t change any of my life plans though. I’d still want to travel the world, embrace the little joys in life, and essentially, search for the meaning of my life through connecting with people online and offline. I still want to live every day finally happy that I am me, confident that I am me, at ease that I am me. But really, ten years added to my age won’t matter. There’s nothing more I want than to live on until whatever force guides this universe decides otherwise.



I don't know who I am, and that is why I write.

3 thoughts on “Just Living On

    1. Thank you! Oh yes, I should have thought about having my own kids by then. I feel like a parent now so that’s probably why the thought escaped me. :p


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