Never Again

Writing prompt: Tell us about a time you made a false assumption about a person or a place — how did they prove you wrong?

We were in high school. We had a fixed sitting arrangement and she was my assigned seatmate. To my amazement, she was so easy to get along with. We shared the same music, we liked the same movies, we even bought matching bracelets as our friendship sign. I trusted her. Confided in her. Spent so much time with her. Her family too. We weren’t just friends. We’re sisters and we knew we’ll remain best friends.
That was until I found out she was lying all along. She was no friend; she’s a traitor. The best of it. She’s been backstabbing me since week one. I would not have known had she not sparked the anger of the whole class who finally decided to reveal to me every single thing she said about me for over a year. Most of the people in class were in the same grade school that she went to. They knew about her forked tongue, but no one bothered to warn me. And I was so stupid.
Years after our friendship ended, I still wonder about a lot of things. Like how she was able to fake-friend me. Or why. And why I thought our friendship was real.
Sometimes I do miss our weekend jams, our lunch dates in their place, our sitting under some hidden tree in campus just to vent all our emotions out. Because no one would listen at home. And the school doesn’t need to know. Scarred as I was, I still respect the friendship we shared. It’s awesome in ways that are yet unmatched. But the pain still lingers. The pain’s a good thing, though. It reminds me to never be a victim of fake friendship again.



I don't know who I am, and that is why I write.

4 thoughts on “Never Again

      1. Yes sometimes we do but it’s still hurts really bad, and then we get tentative with the next friendship, which can be kind of unfortunate, especially if they are sincere.


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