Time to Look into the Future

Writing prompt from the Daily Post: Back on January 21st, we asked you to predict what day #211 would be like. Well, July 30th is that day — how have your predictions held up so far? If you didn’t reply to the prompt at the time, is this year turning out to be as you’d expected?

I don’t have predictions for my future self. I’ll let the madams with crystal balls and magic cards do that for me. But I do have desires and dreams and goals I am working hard for.
On January 21st this year, I wasn’t too interested in maintaining a blog. Participating in a daily writing post, more so. My energy was concentrated on efforts to finish college. I was then, most likely, writing some papers for some courses. Or reading a thick set of modules. Probably daydreaming about marching to get my diploma too.
April came and I did graduate. I expected freedom from parental control, being able to stand on my own, and happiness that college is so over.
But things are not happening as I thought it would be. Mom still can’t let go of me, I am poorer than when I was a student, and I miss studying. What do I do? Where do I go? Oh, I don’t know.
I guess it’s high time I see some fortune teller to tell me what’s in this year for me. Where do I find them crystal gazers anyway?



I don't know who I am, and that is why I write.

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