A Zombie Revived

I’m a zombie poorly disguised as a human every time my energy’s way down. Dizzy from long hours of work, I walk as though I had too many drinks on a Friday night. The circles under my eyes turn darker than they usually are. My lips turn white and I look like a fresh corpse – if that makes sense. I have no idea what goes on around me or who walks past me, but a single thought goes on and on. I refuse to vocalize that thought knowing full well I’d be saying that with the signature deep and husky zombie voice.
Summoning my remaining energy, I take whatever means would lead me home fastest. Home is heaven.
With heavy arms swaying as if they’re barely there, I could finally say “I’m sleeeeepyyy,” in a zombie kind of way and drop dead on my bed. I’d wake up hours later and feel that my human guise is perfect again.

Prompt from The Daily Post



I don't know who I am, and that is why I write.

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